Inovstone 4.0 - Advanced Technologies and Software for Natural Stone is a Mobilizing Project of the Mineral Resources Cluster Action Plan. This project arises from the need to highlight the dynamic capacity of the Ornamental Rocks Sector (RO) and, at the same time, to strengthen its competitiveness in relation to the new digital procurement model, namely in the context of the Building Information Model (BIM).

In the development and implementation of the Inovstone 4.0 Project, 17 companies and 7 Entities of the Research and Innovation Systems (Universities and Others) are involved, whose role is fundamental to guarantee the application of science, facilitate the approximation between Universities and Companies and above of all, ensuring the constant evolution of the Sector.

The Inovstone 4.0 Project started in January 2017 and lasted for three years. An investment worth € 7,049,165.50 (seven million, forty-nine thousand, one hundred and sixty-five euros and fifty cents) is approved for the application, which will be distributed among the different beneficiaries and programs.

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