With 24 partners, the INOVSTONE 4.0 Project, the fourth mobilizing project for Research and Development in the Natural Stone Sector, started the last year of activity, with an OPEN DAY, where it was intended, once again, to make the project known and one of partners.
This time, FILSTONE hosted this event, on the 28th of January, where in addition to presenting the project, it was possible to learn about the entire production and sustainability process of this Company.
FILSTONE, together with SOLANCIS, TORREMARMORES, INOVOPEDRA - LSI, MARFILPE, URMAL, PEDRAMOCA, GRANIALPA, MARMOCAZI, MÁRMORES GALRÃO and GRANATUR are the companies that are carrying out tests and demonstration of all technologies, software and other solutions that are being developed by the Companies in this area: CEI, FRAVIZEL, INOCAM, FRONTWAVE, DIAPOR and ZIPOR.
The Project has a strong component of knowledge and transference knowledge that is being ensured by the Entities of the Research and Innovation System, UNIVERSIDADE DE ÉVORA, ISQ, FCT-UNL, ISCTE, IST, UTAD, IP PORTALEGRE.

With a total investment of 7,049,165.50 Euros and an incentive of 4,000,000.00 Euros, INOVSTONE 4.0 is co-financed by LISBOA 2020, COMPETE 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union through the FEDER.
The LEAN STONE path is assured, Companies are preparing for the Digital Economy and evolving towards Industry 4.0.
It was proven during the day that the evolution and competitiveness of the Companies, has been going through the Models of Internationalization and the Models of Production more and more intelligent, integrating new technologies and software that are allowing these Companies to be of the most innovative and recognized at an European level.
In the last quarter of 2020, the INOVSTONE 4.0 Consortium will demonstrate to all stakeholders the results of this Project, many of them, already registered for patenting.

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